Buying a new construction home ? Read this first. Buying New Homes In Central Florida. By Todd Mowry Local Orlando Area Realtor

Owning a brand new home is a great experience. Being able to add special touches that truly make it your own and knowing you are the first to have lived here is wonderful. Brand new things like appliances, AC, hot water heater, tile, pipes, and cabinets can give you a piece of mind, especially knowing the fact that they all have warranties and that you are the first to use them. Lots of new homes are being built all over Central Florida. 

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Dont go in alone however, it can be tricky to work with a builder and you may not maximize your dollars and find all the extras you are entitled to. Also you can get stuck paying more than you thought if you don’t have an experienced, dependable Realtor on your side to help you navigate the contracts, addendums, and fine print associated with dealing with builders and their agents or representatives.

Most people don’t know you should still have a buyers Realtor on your side to help facilitate the process. It’s similar to if you went to court you wouldn’t want one lawyer representing both your side and theirs. Builders understand this and the buyers agent and the builders agent will work together to get the transaction closed. 

Your buyers agent can answer questions for you, help clarify terms and conditions and help you get the most out of what builder incentives you are offered. We also can remind you when things are due and why they are needed. The buyers agent will also be able to attend the inspections,  final walk through and the closing.  Good to have another pair of eyes to come with you on your periodic inspections during different milestones of the build to see if all things are correct. 

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As a buyer it is your responsibility to disclose early in the conversation with the on site sales agent that you are working with a Realtor. If you find yourself out and about and end up in a new home community make sure you let them know ahead of signing or filling anything out. Disclosing this relationship will clarify to the sales agent, who is working with together with who. In fact you should bring your agent with you if you plan on visiting any new communities or taking any informational tours hosted by the builder.

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