Downtown Winter Garden- One of the Great places to visit near the Orlando Area by Todd Mowry Your Local Orlando Area Realtor

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This picture is of the clock structure located in the middle of the main street area in Downtown Winter Garden FL
A great little place that used to be more of an undiscovered secret was downtown Winter Garden. It was known only to those in the area and those that lived close by. Now word has gotten out about it and the area as a whole is getting more acclaim and more and more patrons and residents much like the rest of Central Florida. Its not a huge city center it is more of a quaint little area with most of the restaurants, shops and park areas all within a few block radius. There’s great little boutiques, bakeries, restaurants, ice cream shops, antique stores, an olive oil specialty shop and other little treasures that one might find interesting to go to. There’s even a place where water shoots out of the ground for kids or over heated adults to through to cool off water park style. My Fiancée and I went there on Sunday and had a great time. We walked the street checked out the great shops and had some really good ice cream at Scoops the ice cream shop that is just a window in front of the Edgewater hotel. The line was long every time we looked so we decided we must check it out and it was worth the wait as it was really good. I had the Salted Caramel Truffle and she had the Coconut Chocolate Almond ice cream both in waffle cones. The most interesting shop we went into was called Adjectives Market. They have a couple other locations but I have never been in any of them before. They had kinds of interesting antique and artistic pieces for your home. Some things were kind of what you see at other places like standard refinished antique furniture and old vintage records and clothes, Disney artifacts and books, but the most interesting part was that they had a small room dedicated to all kinds of oddities like a piece of a meteorite, all kinds of bugs in displays from all over the world as well as butterflies, moths, and a water buffalo horn…all for sale. Im not going to buy any of that but it was very interesting to check it out. There are also 2 museums over there as well. The Central Florida Railroad Museum and the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation Museum. Both were closed on Sunday but we will come back to check those out another day. We stopped in to check out the Edgewater Hotel. It is a cool old hotel that still has all the furniture and decorations from the early 1900’s. It is now a bed and breakfast style hotel with breakfast included. We decided we will stay there sometime in the future so I will report on that at another time. Overall we had a great day together and the weather was beautiful… partly cloudy, around 82 degrees and breezy, perfect for just strolling around in another Central Florida town.  

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